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FORCE MAJOR: Crowdfunding Update (Your help is needed to finalize "new world")

25 Jul 2022
Exactly one year has passed since the New World Kickstarter: during July-August 2021 you gave us US$ 65,132. In return, you expected us to record the album "New World", film 5 music videos and deliver your perks.

The 9-month production and release plan from October 2021 to August 2022 was:

18 Mar - The Way is the Aim (Digital + CD + video)
22 Apr - Legend of the Free (Digital + CD + video)
27 May - Shackles of Gold (Digital + CD + video)
01 Jul - The Wheel (Digital + CD + video)
05 Jul - All Bundles Shipped (Physical) and Emailed (Digital)
05 Aug - NEW WORLD RELEASED (Digital, CD, Vinyl, Earbook + “Windborn” video)

This plan was working pretty well, and everything was unfolding nicely. But on 24th February the Russian agression against Ukraine started - and all plans went to hell.

We protested publicly against the war and the Russian government on day one (24th Feb), then spent several days in shock - and ultimately left the country on 03 March, without any plans to return.

We took only the most needed items with us - the entire life packed into 5 suitcases + the cat. Most equipment and all instruments had to be left behind.

But aside from the moral and political issues, emigrating was also the only way to deliver you the album, videos & perks - and also to save the band:

- it is impossible to send any money into or out of Russia except via illegal cryptocurrency transfers, Russian bank accounts are useless - we wouldn't even be able to pay for our website or music distribution services
- flights are extremely expensive and only via Turkey and UAE
- most countries stopped issuing visas inside Russia (Russian citizens abroad are ok)
- postage to and from Western countries does not work
- Facebook and Instagram are banned altogether, Google/YouTube work but ads are banned (we heavily rely on ads for promotion because we have no label)
- borders can be closed and mobilisation can be announced at any moment, conscripting all males under 60 years old to go and kill innocent Ukrainians

This technically amounts to personal danger and almost total isolation from the outside world, or at least from the West. 99% of our fans are located in Western countries, we do not use any services in Russia - all Imperial Age websites, ad accounts, payment proccessors, music distribution - the entire infratructure that makes it possible for the band to live and grow - is based in the West (mostly in USA and UK).

Under these circumstances, staying in Russia would mean the end of Imperial Age.

However, urgent unplanned evacuation to another country results in heavy expences: we do not have any other income outside Imperial Age, and so we had to tap into the Crowdfunding money: it was absolutely necessary to deliver you what we promised (and to continue existing as a band). And once again, you saved the day - because without your money, emigrating would not be possible, we would be stuck and that would be the end of it.

Here is where we lost your money because of the war:

- Airplane tickets for Aor, Jane and cat: $1300 ($900 cheapest one-way night flight from Moscow to Istanbul + $200 overweight + $100 urgent cat papers + $100 flight to Antalya)
- Air b'n'b in Istanbul & Antalya: $1000 (03 - 28 March)
- Renting flat in Antalya for 1 year: $3700 ($270 per month but they only accept here if you pay 1 year in advance)
- Legalisation: $300 (insurance, residence permits etc)
- Music equipment brought in later by Anna: $300 (overweight)

- Evacuating 174 T-Shirts that were declined by Russian customs: $700
- Additional shipping, handling and pressing of these T-Shirts in Italy (some were never returned by customs): $2000

- Flying Anna over to shoot the videos: $900 (Moscow-Antalya return tickets + transfers)
- Hard drives: $350 (uploading 1 music video worth of raw files takes a month with local Internet, so Anna flew back with the drives)

Here is what we managed to deliver to you despite all this hell:

- "New World" album: fully recorded, now in post production, master disk delivery date is 04th August
- "Live New World" online show Blu-Ray/DVD/2CD: now in post production, masters delivery date is 04 August
- The Way is the Aim, Legend of the Free, The Wheel, Shackles of Gold, Windborn music videos: fully filmed

- The Way is the Aim single + video: released on time
- Legend of the Free single + video: released 1 month behind schedule
- The Wheel single: released 2 weeks behind schedule, video: in post-production
- Shackles of Gold, Windborn videos: in post-production
- New World album: release date moved by 3 weeks, will be released on 27th August instead of 05 August.
- Perks fulfillment: moved by 1 month, should begin as soon as we have the masters, i.e. on 05 August.

We are not on schedule, but despite unprecedented circumstances we still managed to level out our ship, prevent it from sinking - and deliver what we promised:


This is a real force major, and it seems we have done everything we could - but still ended up with a cash gap.

We are missing around US$ 6,000 to finish the post production for The Wheel, Shackles of Gold and Windborn music videos, and to finish the urgent mixing and mastering, which was delayed significantly.
We are asking for your help again - by re-opening the New World crowdfunding campaign one last time.

We know there are guys who learned about the Crowdfunding when it was already closed, so its your chance to take part now and to greatly help us out. Or maybe you want to get more perks, or just donate something - anything would help us get the job done asap.

Please know that the album release date is set and will not change regardless. We are only talking about the music videos here, and the additional money for mastering can be borrowed.

You don't have to do this, this was not planned, and we can release the album without the videos and finish them later, but we have to inform you since you are the money. We would be nonetheless ultra greatful if you could participate in the Kickstarter a bit more so that we can do this now.

Thank you very much for supporting us,
and hopefully see you on tour in the upcoming months!

-Aor, Jane

[major update!] NEW WORLD: Release date & schedule

15 Feb 2022
All the previous times when we released music it was stress, rush and total hell. And we were missing every possible deadline.

And every time we promised ourselves that NEXT TIME we would do it properly! But of course next time was the same ))

Problem is: due to the haste and rush the previous releases never received the publicity and coverage which they could have received - and which they deserved.

For example, we neither had time to send the music to magazines in advance to get reviews, nor to upload it ahead of time (4 weeks) to Spotify to get a shot at editorial playlists.

But this time we have finally decided to do things properly - not lastly because we think that “New World” is such a game changer album that it would be a most stupid shot in our own leg to deny it a proper release schedule, promotion and publicity.

So how does a proper release schedule look like?
If you take a look at the most successful bands out there, you can see that ahead of the album they release several singles, approx 4-5 weeks apart, each with a music video.

Why are they doing it? Because:
a) Spotify needs to have a song 4 weeks in advance to consider it for editorial playlists (and you can submit the next song only when the previous one is released) and 
b) because the vinyl pressing time is today from 6 to 9 months (actually we found a plant which does it in 3 months, but…. they don’t have enough vinyls to meet our needs)

During our crowdfunding we promised 4 singles and 5 music videos - which means that our release cycle is minimum 6 months (count 5 weeks per single).  
And thats also the minimum time to press the vinyls.

So, with all that in mind - the “New World” schedule looks like this:

18 Mar - The Way is the Aim (Digital + CD + video)
22 Apr - Legend of the Free (Digital + CD + video)
27 May - Shackles of Gold (Digital + CD + video)
01 Jul - The Wheel (Digital + CD + video)

05 Jul - All Bundles Shipped (Physical) and Emailed (Digital)!

05 Aug - NEW WORLD RELEASED (Digital, CD, Vinyl, Earbook + “Windborn” video)

IMPORTANT: All Crowdfunders will get all the Singles in digital format (Album Edition, Live Edition, Orchestral Edition + Instrumental) as part of their bundles 2 weeks before their respective release dates!! (Only the Album Edition will be published on Spotify, Apple Music etc., the rest is only on CD and exclusively available in digital to Crowdfunders only.)

However, the CDs + shipping were not initially planned in the Bundles, and as such if you want them as well you will have to order them separately. We will , however, provide Crowdfunders with a special Discount - but please understand that we can not afford to ship 4 more CDs to 800 people for free.

Why so many singles? 
Because of the main music platforms of today: Spotify and YouTube.
If you release an album you can only submit ONE track to editorial playlists and to Release Radar. 
But if you are releasing singles, you can submit each of them.

With YouTube - the more music videos you have, the more their algorithms promote you.

Is 05 August a long time away?
Well, if nothing happens - its joyless. But with singles, videos and the overall hype buildup it will pass as a single moment.
Moreover - we will also be publishing live versions of the song and live videos fro Live New World every week after each single!

When you have a record label doing all this for you, you don’t think about it.
But you also have zero control over whats going on, and 90% of your money is going into the label’s account.

So yes, this is a bit confusing for us, but hey - its totally worth it, and we know we have your support, so everything is possible!
Its nice to be on a ship exploring new horizons )

One thing is certain for sure: there is enough music for everyone and even after the album is released we will have several more songs to add!!

- Jane, Aor


16 Aug 2021
Listen to the "Legend of the Free" demo and to Aor's message to all our  fans and supporters!


11 Aug 2021
With your GREAT support, we have already successfully reached 114% of our $40,000 goal to produce our album ‘New World’ and film 5 music videos. And since we have 10 more days to go, we announce the new STRETCH GOALS!

We have already mentioned that every cent you give us as part of this campaign will be used to increase the quality of the production, but we decided to make it more concrete and tangible. So here it comes!

$60,000 - Real Orchestral Instruments on the album
So far we have always worked with orchestral samples (as most symphonic metal bands and film productions do these days). A real orchestra is expensive, but prices have dropped recently and we have good friends, so we can pull this off, provided you pledge us enough money.

$75,000 - Twenty Minute long ‘Call of the Towers’ music film
‘The Call of the Towers’ is the epic 20-minute backbone of the album, the intro to which you can hear playing in the main kickstarter video. We have a GREAT idea (and screenplay) for an EPIC 20-minute long music video with film elements, but you can guess the budget. However, with your support at this stage we can do it - and we have the right film crew capable of working at this level.

$100,000 - Live Online show with Choir, Orchestra and big stage production
Imagine an live online show which is not a fancy pre-recorded load of graphics as many bands do these days, but a REAL, LIVE SHOW, on a BIG stage, with MASSIVE production, a full ORCHESTRA and CHOIR - and all of it TRULY IN REAL TIME with YOUR COMMENTS broadcasted on huge screens! Thats what we want to do as soon as January - as a worldwide presentation of New World right before our tour kicks off. 

Are you with us? Can we do it? Lets go!!


09 Aug 2021
Hi everyone! It's Paul Maryashin of Imperial Age here and we have something special for you! 

First, I would like to thank every one of you for such a huge support during our crowdfunding campaign. Couple of days ago we've reached 100% and surpassed it! That's incredible!

So time has come for some special rewards! And today it will be my own guitar - Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Plus - which I used to play on our Live on Earth online show! It sounds 100% metal and has everything you need for pretty much any kind of music! The guitar is in supreme condition, and has been well looked after.

The reason Im giving it to our kickstarter is because I bought myself a guitar with a longer scale that fits better for playing our solos (which often involve high notes). 

So now this instrument is waiting for its new owner! If the owner wants it, I can also sign it for him/her.
Once again thank you for your amazing support! 
Stay metal!



07 Aug 2021
This is a great event for us, and today is celebration time! We love you guys!!! No record label would ever pledge this amount to us (and they would only do it as a loan anyway).
We are endlessly thankful to our huge army of fans worldwide for supporting us with your faith and hard-earned money, especially during this difficult period. We will do our best to live up to your trust!
And now is the time for STRETCH GOALS!! We said in the beginning that $40,000 is the bare minimum, and that the real fun begins AFTER we breach this threshold!
Watch the video where we explain what these stretch goals are and where the money above the initial 40k will go. PLUS, this video has ANOTHER NEW SONG DEMO IN IT!


06 Aug 2021
In this video our close friend Ilya Guryanov (PhD in philosophy and history of medicine, associate professor at the Institute for Social Sciences, RANEPA, research fellow at Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities, HSE) - an ardent swimmer - has swum almost a full nautical mile (1500 meters) in support of our upcoming album ‘New World’ Kickstarter!

It took him almost 50 minutes to swim across a sleeve of lake Seliger (North-Western Russia), 1.5km over fresh water from our camp to the opposite shore, without any rest.

Aor, Jane and Anna, together with Ilya’s 6-year-old son Severin, accompanied him by boat for safety.

Enjoy the epic scenery, the bravery of one man, and the overall positivity of this video!

And last but not least - this video contains NEW MUSIC!!
The soundtrack is a demo version of a new song from the upcoming album, never published before!

Help us make a perfect album together with 5 new music videos!
The main goal of $40,000 has already been reached by more than 98% and now we are rolling out new stretch goals - so that we can add immense CGI and graphics into our videos, more and better production for the music and a huge online New Year show before the New World Tour kicks off in January!

Thank you for you support!!
We love you!!


Ilya Guryanov is also an executive committee member at the ‘University Solidarity’ Interregional Trade Union of Higher Education Employees (Russia) and an editorial board member of ‘Platonic Invastigations’ - the main Russian peer-reviewed journal in the field of the Platonic tradition.


04 Aug 2021
We have been struck by a tornado (never seen before in these parts) and are very happy to have survived it! 
Since we were dealing with the aftermath of the destruction and couldn’t be revealing more interesting details that we wanted to as part of our crowdfunding campaign (which has by the way already reached 96% of its $40,000 goal) we decided to EXTEND THE CAMPAIGN BY 7 DAYS - UNTIL 22ND AUGUST 2021!

Read full story + see all pictures here.


23 July 2021
Listen to the "Windborn" demo and to Jane's message to all our fans!

50% of goal reached in 1.5 days!

17 July 2021
Wow!! We have reached the 50% mark in LESS THAN 2 DAYS!!
You have pledged us $20,000 out of the $40,000 goal, and there are still 28 days to go! We definitely did not expect it this quick! Thank you so much everyone!!!

why not sign with a label?


    Pledge without a reward

    Back it because you believe in it

    Support the project for no reward, just because it speaks to you.

    • Digital Album: .wav & .mp3 download of NEW WORLD 1 month before release date
    • ​Digital Booklet: all the booklet art & lyrics in 300dpi quality
    • PDF: file with exclusive photos, sketches, notes, and other making-of materials
    Estimated Shipping: July 2022
    Ships to: Worldwide

    Pledge $30

    Digital Bundle
    • ​Digital Album: .wav & .mp3 download of NEW WORLD 1 month before release date
    • ​Isolated Tracks: drums, orchestra, bass, guitar, choir and vocals - all separate .wav 24bit files - make your own mix
    • ​Instrumentals: All songs without vocals (digital download) so that you can sing along
    • ​Your Name in album booklet & music video titles
    • PLUS: Digital Booklet, PDF
    Estimated Shipping: July 2022
    Ships to: Worldwide

    Pledge $75

    Bronze Bundle
    • CD Jewelcase: signed, backer-only limited edition
    • T-Shirt: backer-only limited edition
    • ​Thank-You Card: signed
    • PLUS: Digital Album, PDF, Isolated Tracks, Instrumentals, Name in Booklet & Titles
    Estimated Shipping:  July 2022
    Ships to: Worldwide

    Pledge $150

    Silver Bundle
    • Golden Vinyl: signed, backer-only limited edition
    • ​Flag: signed, backer-only limited edition
    • ​Patch: signed, backer-only limited edition
    • Poster A3: signed, backer-only limited edition
    • PLUS: CD Jewelcase, T-Shirt, Thank You Card, Digital Album, PDF, Isolated Tracks, Instrumentals, Name in Booklet & Titles
    Price includes special packaging & shipping.

      Estimated Shipping: July 2022
      Ships to: Worldwide

      Pledge $300

      Gold Bundle
      • Double-CD Mediabook: signed, backer-only limited edition with extra bonus tracks & extra artwork
      • Zipper Hoodie: backer-only limited edition
      • ​Guitar Tab & Song Book: signed
      • Guitar Pick: backer-only edition
      • Drum Stick: backer-only edition
      • Poster A2: signed, backer-only limited edition
      • PLUS: Golden Vinyl, Flag, Patch, T-Shirt, Thank You Card, Digital Album, PDF, Isolated Tracks, Instrumentals, Name in Booklet & Titles
      • PLUS: Golden Vinyl, Flag, Patch, T-Shirt, Thank You Card, Digital Album, PDF, Isolated Tracks, Instrumentals, Name in Booklet & Titles
      Price includes special packaging & shipping.

      Estimated Shipping: July 2022
      Ships to: Worldwide

      Pledge $1,300

      Paul's Guitar
      • Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Plus See Thru Cherry Red Sunburst
      • Signed by Paul (optional)
      • Used during the entire Live on Earth online concert on 25th April 2020 and can be seen on live videos and DVD
      • Shipping included in the Reward price!
      • PLUS: Name in Booklet & Titles, Guitar Picks
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